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"I loved it!" - Gary King [re Together CD]

"Marvelous music...I was won over...[Nancy and Spencer Reed] have a wonderful sound, both vocally and instrumentally." - Richard Schliebus, Watchung Arts Center

"What a wealth of talent and repertoire will you witness when you sit down to listen to Nancy and Spencer Reed. With their twenty fingers and four lips working as one they lead you through their interesting arrangements with skill and aplomb: guitar, bass and two voices, they are the swingin'est little, dynamite band I have heard yet." - Bob Dorough

"One of the hotter young couples...I love the group" - Phil Woods

"What a rare combination- fun to play with on the bandstand and fun to hang out with off. A real jazz singer. Subtle insights and strong swing!" - Phil Woods

"Of the many female jazz singers...Nancy Reed may be the most sublime. Her subtle soprano floats above and through... as welcomely as spring's first warm day." - Fred Seitz, Pocono Record

"She really knows how to set the mood." - John Gary (sound man for Sarah Vaughan)

"Nancy Reed: She knows what time it is."- Lockie Edwards, songwriter

"This woman would rather have a heart attack than not swing!" - Jamie Haddad

"Very impressive" - Phil Schapp (about Nancy Reed solo bass and voice)

"I think they're great. They've got it covered. You can hear the twenty years together. They have a really nice sound. a really nice blend. They both have very nice intonation. When she plays bass and scats her lines are really relaxed. I just think they're really wonderful. Very tuneful." - Dominique Eade, RCA Victor recording artist

"I really like Nancy and Spencer, I mean I really like them. a very soothing sound to it. They compliment each other. They both have incredible vocal capabilities. I like the fact that Nancy didn't force things. It was very natural. Her scatting was very natural. It was just there... the quality of her sound - I really like them." - Shirlita Colon, Musical Director WJFK AM/FM Wash., DC.

"I really, enjoyed it. It's a very happening sound right now - what they're up to. Very much of a nice cool sound. His voice reminds me of a young Chet Baker. Their intonation is great and it has a real nice feel to it." - Steve Gates, VP of A&R at RCA Victor


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